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"Tales From La Vida" at the San Diego Repertory Theater Book Series

Quarantine is hard, but San Diego Repertory Theater has been making the best of it with online events, including the Stay and Play Book Club. On Oct 26th and 27th they've chosen Tales From La Vida: A Latinx Comics Anthology from LatinoGraphix , edited by Frederick Luis Aldama as their featured book! I'm one of the contributors to this, with a short story about one of the lighter moments caring for Abuelita through her senior dementia. (Yes, there were a few.). To sign up go to:

Their site says of Tales From La Vida:

An anthology celebrating over 80 of today’s extraordinary Latinx comic book and visual storytellers. Whether it’s detailing the complexities of growing up – mono- or multilingual, bicultural, straight, queer, or feminist Latinx – or focusing on aspects of pop culture, these graphic vignettes demonstrate the expansive complexity of Latinx identities. As we travel from one story to the next and experience the unique ways that each creator chooses to visually craft their autobiographical tale, our hearts and minds wake to the complex ways that Latinx people live within, and actively transform, the world.

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