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Drawing Power Wins Eisner

Drawing Power won an Eisner Award! Drawing and writing about trauma can be hard. Continuing to live with it and fight against the sources of these traumas is too. This book is a record of resilience and I'm honored to be a part of it.

Of course, you know San Diego Comic-Con didn't happen IRL this year due to the ol' Rona. Just like everything else you enjoy. Not that I've ever made it out there before that because poverty (just like everything else you WANT to enjoy.) This year I was going through some fatigue and dizzyness that was part of a post-Plan-B period. I was warned this could happen. Not to mention earlier that evening I thought I could stand up long enough to boil some spaghetti and some of the boiling water spilled out onto my stomach. So it was me and Eric lying on a piece of memory foam on the floor while he put a cold washcloth on my tummy, dazed and watching the stream over YouTube.

I only wish Noel Franklin were still with us to share in this moment. But I feel like she knows.

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