Drawing Power: Women's Stories Of Sexual Violence, Harassment and Survival,is published by Abrams Books and edited by Diane Noomin. Inspired by the Me Too movement, this award-winning book features true accounts by 60 talented artists of their experiences ranging from dealing with catcalls to violent rape. I contributed a story of a violent rape by a man hiding from the law in the desert, though the story becomes more about a knife that becomes a protective anchoring device.

Drawing Power has raised funds for RAINN, received favorable media attention and made the NY Times Best graphic novels list of 2019. It has also won an Eisner Award for Best Anthology and a Susan Koppelman Popular Culture Award For Best Anthology In Feminist Studies.

A panel held with me and other contributors at The Strand bookstore in NYC. Jennifer Camper Caitlin Cass Liana Finck Siobha´n Gallagher, Kendra Josie Kirkpatrick Miss Lasko-Gross Kaylee Rowena Georgiana Goodwin Ariel Schrag Katie Fricas and anthology contributor/editor Diane Noomin Moderating this event is Karen Green!