Mz Pakman was an all grrl garage horror comedy punk band based out of Brooklyn in the late 90's/early 2000's.


The band got it's start when me and my friend Lisssa (guitars) were on a drinking bender and she was playing me her Mentors records while I toasted Il Duce's death. (Yeah, come at my ese). We soon began bemoaning the fact that there was no lewd funny comedy punk being made from a female perspective and the next thing we knew, Lisssa had pulled out her guitar and I was warbling into a tape recorder impromptu lyrics about the comparative sizes of our ex-lovers' cocks, self-proclaimed reincarnated Crowleys on the goth club scene, and for some reason, Pikachu. The next day we played the scratchy tape for our friend P5!, who play drums in her boyfriend's band Fellini's Basement at the time. She was into playing along with us as a side project, and when Abby Denson heard about the project she offered to play base. That's how Mz. Pakman started.